Privacy policy of the web portal and mobile app 24alife


In the procedure of registration of the users on the web portal  and mobile app 24alife ("24alife platform") we have to get some of your personal data. The provider of the web site ("Provider") will administer your personal data in accordance with Law on personal data protection (Article No. 94/2007, hereinafter referred to as ZVOP-1-UPB1). Privacy policy determines the manner and methods used in connection with protecting and collecting, usage and intervention of your personal data.

With the registration on the 24alife platform you agree with the manner of protection, treatment and intervention of your personal data described in the 24alife platform privacy policy.

Provider assures the members protection of personal data that they ensure at registration in accordance with Law on personal data protection. All forwarded personal data of members are intended solely for the usage on the web portal and administration of services. Provider will use or reveal these data only for intentions for which he gathered them with your agreement.

If you accept cookies, the 24alife platform can gather certain data about your visit, as well as your Internet service provider name and IP address (Internet Protocol) through which you access the Internet, date and time when you access the web site, pages that you visit on the web site and the Internet address of the web site you directly came from on to our web site.

The 24alife platform may counts the clicks on an individual functionality or button on the 24alife platform. If you allow access to GPS and camera on your mobile app, the 24alife platform may also collect user location data using a GPS sensor with the purpose of displaying a map of the user's route, as well as camera data to save images for meal/beverage entry in the 24alife platform. In the event of pairing with external devices and apps, data from external devices connected to the 24alife platform may also be collected. Any data the user saves on his/her mobile app and/or is synced with the 24alife server uses a secure HTTPS connection.

Provider is gathering data about members for the following intentions:

  • ensuring optimal service functionality by offering support, troubleshooting, repairing potential technical issues, developing and improving the service by monitoring user platform intervention,
  • forwarding data to other users for the needs of getting to know each other, socializing and fun,
  • notifying about novelties on the 24alife platform,
  • notifying about additional services that the 24alife platform,
  • for improvement and administration of the 24alife platform and analysis of trends and user preferences.

For the purpose of research we combine data about visits to the 24alife platform with anonymous demographic data and we can use them for offering more appropriate content. In certain parts of the 24alife platform with limited access, we will with your agreement combine data and personal data, if such data exists, to offer you content adjusted to you. If you do not agree, adjusted service will not be available for you and we will not combine your personal data with data about visits to the 24alife platform.

Provider can reveal your data if it is legally determined or in good belief that such measures are necessary for:

  • In accordance with legal orders or judicial proceedings towards provider or the web site;
  • protection of rights or possession of provider or our family of web sites;
  • or take measures in urgent circumstances for protection of personal security of employees or providers or mediators, users of products or services of provider or public.

Service provider is bound to carefully guard data in accordance with legislation and approach in accordance with provisions of Law of personal data protection.

With the registration member agrees that his or hers username and age can be revealed to users and members of the 24alife platform for needs of socializing with other members and users.

Members agree that data is revealed to other users or members of the 24alife platform, which are forwarded to the 24alife platform in the level of usage of services on it, as participation on forums, entry of data in a personal profile, cooperation in chat rooms and similar. It counts that all data user enters to the 24alife platform is within the level of his activity private, with which the Service provider complies with the terms of the Privacy Policy.

By accepting general conditions and terms for the 24alife platform, users or members agree, that provider does not guarantee safety or privacy of information downloaded over the Internet or e-mail and that service provider will not be considered in any way responsible concerning the usage of all such information from third parties. Possibility exists that other members or users of the service, including unregistered users, send, establish or submit to the service or other users aggressive or obscene material and that users will be exposed to such material. It is also possible that others can abuse personal data of users through the usage of service and could use it for upsetting or endangering. By accepting general conditions users or members agree that service provider is not responsible for treatment of third party with information that they send between themselves.

Users and members have the right to request, at any time, from the service provider to erase their personal data from databases of personal data of the provider.

Privacy policy can be occasionally updated. When we do this, we will appropriately change the date of the last correction shown on Privacy policy.

If you want to erase your personal data from the database of personal data of the users of the 24alife platform, please notify us on the address:


Cookie Use on Our Website

Legal Basis

The basis for this notice is an amended Electronic Communications Act (Article No. 109/2012; hereinafter referred to as ZEKom-1) which came into effect at the beginning of 2013. It brought new restrictions regarding the use of cookies and similar technologies to store information or access information stored on a user's computer or mobile device.

What are Cookies?

Cookies are small important files for website functioning mostly to provide a better user experience.

Cookie usually contains a string of characters stored on a user's computer when he visits a certain website. When the user browses the same website in the future, the data stored in the cookie can be retrieved by the website to notify the website of the user's previous activity.

In addition to improving user experience, the purpose of cookies is diverse. They can be used for behavior analysis or user recognition. That is why we know different cookie types.

Cookie types used on this website

Cookies used on this website follow the guidelines of: Slovenian Information Commissioner (

  • Required Cookies
    These cookies are essential to make the website work correctly. They enable you to move around the website and use its features. Without these cookies services you have asked for can not function properly (e.g. login, shopping baskets).

  • Performance cookies
    These cookies collect information about how visitors use a website with the intention to improve its experiential components (e.g. which pages are visited most often). These cookies do not collect information that identifies a visitor.

  • Functionality Cookies
    These cookies allow the website to remember the choices you make (such as your user name, language or the region you are in) to provide a more personalized online experience. These cookies can track your browsing activity on the website.

  • Advertising or Targeting Cookies
    These cookies are most frequently used by advertising and social networks (third party) to deliver targeted advertising or to limit the number of times you see an advertisement. They also help us measure the effectiveness of advertising campaigns. These cookies can track your browsing activity on the website.

Cookie Control

It is your decision to use cookies. Cookies can always be deleted and thereby your web visibility removed. Also most browsers can be set so that cookies are not saved.

Cookies can be managed in the web browser settings. Please see your browser help on how to manage cookies.

Cookie Manager

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